Monday, February 25, 2013

Outside My Comfort Zone with Ed Tech

As teachers, I'm positive we all have our one go to activity our one go to technology that we want to show off during our observations or when other teachers come in.  We'll boast about how this tool helps us and never stop talking about it, kinda like me with screencast-o-matic.  But what is our kryptonite when it comes to using technology in our classroom?

For me, it is using animation tools, like Adobe Flash. I really don't see the point in using it as a resource. For me, it is much more time consuming to create an entire animation for my students. I don't really see the benefits I would like for all the work I put into making an online animation. I suppose it really doesn't fit my style of teaching, so I tend to stay away from it.  I also feel like that using animation tools depends on the content you are teaching in your classroom. For a pre-engineering class, I feel like this is to abstract and not sequential enough.  

Now I know this is not the case for many educators out there.  Many teachers have probably created tremendous resources for their students, I just don't even think I've come close to being one of them.  When I have tried creating different animations for my projects, it has only been when I have been required to do so for my Masters class. I feel like I am reaching way into left field to come up with an idea that will fit into what I teach.  I'm sure that with more practice would be come better results. 

Here is a list of free animation sites I have tried to use. They are pretty easy, so check them out!


  1. I can agree there are learning curves for all of educational technology and making them useful in the classroom not forceing them to fit. I think technology should not be an accessory but a learning tool and resource and not every technology will fit the part in our classrooms. So I think it's good that if it doesn;t fit you don't use it.

  2. I thank you a million times for the screenomatic tip! You are right that sometimes, technology tools just don't fit. But it's good to have it in your repertoire, just in case you change your mind or the circumstances change. Who knows...maybe you'll teach video production next!